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Stylish, functional and versatile, IronRox are perfect for more than just deadlifts! Whether you need a cool-looking shoe which is flat and low to the ground for pulling a personal best, you squat in flats, or you just want some cute, slick, trendy new gym shoes for general workouts, IronRox are the perfect addition to your gym getup. They even look great as part of your casual outfit when shopping or going for coffee with the girls.


With a choice of lavish purple or striking pink, IronRox are constructed of vegan PU leather and are tough and durable when put to the test under heavy weights. With adequate room for good toe spread and a supported ankle to ensure stability, they're the perfect shoe for deadlifts or squats!




IronRox Gym Footwear

£35.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
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