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Powerlifting Foundations And Methods by Boris Sheiko, with Mike Isratel PhD and Derek Wilcox PhDc. A must-have for any Sheiko fan!


The legendary Russian coach, Boris Sheiko, has had his work translated into English for the first time ever, and it's now available in hard-copy format, in this comprehensive 377 page manual which covers:

  •  A breakdown of how to perform every competition lift and most assistance exercises. Includes the biomechanics of each exercise and analysis of exercise execution for different body types.
  • In-depth discussion about the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly arrangement of training volumes, intensities, and exercise selections. Explains how to use specific exercises to address your weak points.
  • In-depth discussion on how to optimise your nutrition for powerlifting training.
  • Dozens of sample programs and templates for various types of lifters to get you started.

Powerlifting Foundations and Methods by Boris Sheiko

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